The Council

The Council’s vision is to help our towns and villages thrive by creating vibrant communities where people want to live, work and invest. We will achieve this through the successful delivery of our four priorities:

1. Grow the economy:

  • retain and increase employment opportunities in the district;
  • work to secure an infrastructure that meets our housing and growth priorities;
  • build towards economic health of successful commercial partnerships;
  • maximise opportunities for development of employment land.

2. Keep South Kesteven clean, green and healthy:

  • implement with partners the approved Air Quality Management Action Plan to deliver improvements in Grantham town centre;
  • implement an awareness campaign for bus and taxi operators to reduce pollution from stationary vehicles in town centres;
  • promote walking, cycling and the use of public transport;
  • provide a greater choice for customers by offering larger refuse bins for families and landlords of multiple occupancy properties, and smaller bins for those who need them.

3. Support good housing for all:

  • update the council's Housing Revenue Account Business Plan to ensure long term sustainability and identify opportunities to invest in estate management, refurbishment and new affordable housing developments;
  • use the council's own land to develop new low cost housing;
  • build a further 27 new council homes and deliver more low cost housing in the district.

4. Promote leisure, arts and culture:

  • raise the profile of South Kesteven as a great place to live, work and invest;
  • consider leisure provision across the district and review options available for the delivery of arts activities;
  • promote local cultural attractions to raise the profile of the district to attract inward investment;
  • contribute to the success of local tourism and leisure business through a range of promotional activity including a programme of local festivals;
  • enhance the facilities available at Wyndham Park through Heritage Lottery Funding;
  • maintain the attractiveness of our towns and villages.

Political structure:

There are 56 councillor seats in the district, and the current distribution is as follows:

  • Conservative   |  39
  • Independent  |  10
  • Labour & Co-operative | 3
  • Liberal Democrat (aligned with Independents)  |  2
  • Unaligned  |  2

The Leader of the Council is Cllr Kelham Cooke.


You can read more in our Corporate Strategy 2018 - 2025

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